Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions located on the back side of your order form, before placing your order. These terms and conditions apply to both online orders and sales market orders. By placing your order online or on sales order form, you agree to our terms and conditions.

For Retailers ONLY

We are a wholesale company and do not sell direct to the public. If you would like to locate Serendipity Clothing Co, please visit our retailers page to locate a store near you or an online boutique.

Payment Terms: Buyer is to pay in full before order is shipped. We do NOT ship Net 30 or COD without having your credit application on file. If you have been an approved retailer and are in good standing, we will ship your order by COD.  If your payment by check is declined, we will send your account to collections and you will be responsible for all legal fees & collection fees. By placing an order and accepting an order with Serendipity Clothing Co., you agree to all our terms and conditions listed on our website. NSF checks will be subject to a $35.00 charge. We will place one courtesy call once your order is ready to ship to let you know we will be charging your credit card. If you are not available, we will leave a message, charge the card on file and ship your order. We make every effort to ship your order complete, however we can not guarantee this.

Pricing: At Serendipity Clothing Co. we take pride in our clothing and the integrity of our brand. In order to protect our brand, we have a "MAP Policy" (Minimum Advertised Price Policy) in place. This policy till ensure accurate pricing for each and every store.  You must price Serendipity Clothing Co at wholesale X's 2. ( ex: Wholesale $30 = Retail Price of $60 or more )

Delivery: Serendipity Clothing Co. will make every effort to ship your order complete during our shipping indicated on the front of the order form. By accepting this contract you agree to take your order/merchandise during this shipping window. We will not accommodate special shipping windows. (7/25/2016-10/15/2016) You may not discount any part of your order before 11/15/2016. After 11/15/16 you may offer a 25% discount on Fall Collections (this does NOT include holiday). You may not offer any discount on Holiday before 12/25/16. Holiday includes Splendid Holiday Collection & Oh Deer Collection. If you fail to comply with our discount terms, future orders may be cancelled at our discretion and a 5% penalty will be added to your order. A credit card must be on file for your order to be processed. If your card is declined, we will attempt to all your 3 times. If we are unable to process payment, your order may be given to another store that is on waitlist.

Cancellations: There are NO cancellations on any order placed after 7 days of written order. Cancellation of an order after 7 (seven) days or refusal to take your order during the shipping window is unacceptable for failure to meet the obligations of this purchase contract. If payment is not received in full when the shipping window closes, your account will be sent to collections for failure to meet your obligations for this purchase contract. You will be responsible for all collection fees and/or court fees.

Returns: Any returns requests MUST be done within 10 days of delivery confirmation. Any approved return must be accompanied by an RA# or it will not be accepted. No returns will be accepted after 10 days, so check your shipment upon delivery. Please review the purchase agreement on the back side of the order form. You are responsible for ALL merchandise ordered. We will not accept any items that do not have the hangtag attached with our pink rope attachment or any items that have been washed or worn. Quality is our number one priority, however sometimes a defect may slip though our inspection team. If you receive a defective item, you have 60 days from the time your order has been delivered to submit for a return. Once we receive the item, we will determine if we will grant a refund. There are certain situations where an item may not be accepted for return:

  • Missing hangtags or obvious signs of use
  • Not in original condition
  • Past our 30 day return window
  • Items that have been washed or worn
  • Past Season Merchandise
  • Samples

Shipping: All shipments are shipped UPS, FEDEX or USPS Ground. If must request insurance if you would like your order insured, we will send your order without insurance and we are NOT responsible for lost or damaged shipments. If your shipment is lost or stolen, and insurance is not purchased, we will provide you a tracking/reference number and it will be up to you to contact the shipper to make a claim. If you refuse to accept your order once it has been shipped, you will be responsible for ALL shipping costs and your order will not be refunded.

Website/Social Media: All brick & mortar stores may use our images for website and social media. You must abide by our discount terms and failure to do so may result you no longer having permission to use our copyrighted images and possible cancellation of future orders. All online stores must have WRITTEN permission to use our images and be an approved online retailer of Serendipity Clothing Co. You may NOT advertising pricing on social media. Only approved online stores may advertise pricing online.

Minimum Orders: $500 to include free headband. No headbands will be shipped for orders under the $500.00 amount. If you decide to split your payment and the split payment falls below $500, you will be charged for your headbands on the first part of your order and a credit will be given to you when you pay for the balance of your order.

Serendipity Clothing Co.